How to Break Through to an Empowered, Self-Actualized YOU: Using Tapping/EFT to Replace Harmful Beliefs

I’ve spent my career helping people release what’s holding them back from having the lives they want and deserve. Over decades of practice, I’ve found the single most powerful cure for life’s negative experiences is eliminating harmful beliefs.

For too many of us, life seems like a series of arbitrary winds that are pushing us to be either lucky or unlucky and shaping the courses of our lives, taking control and power out of our hands.

At the same time, it’s hardly a secret to anyone anymore that our thoughts are powerful. That our thoughts and beliefs control and create our lives. This used to be “hidden knowledge” but now all we have to do is turn around to see and hear this being said on social media, on television, and in bookstores (at least what’s left of them). We know those words “Law of Attraction”–raise your hand if you’ve seen The Secret. We even hear that the creative power of what we believe was talked about in the teachings of Jesus — but somehow we are not really making the connection between all of this and how to harness and control this power for ourselves.

People like us are running around writing and saying affirmations. Affirmations are wonderful (but what if they aren’t working?). We are making vision boards and doing visualization. We’re meditating and listening to meditation recordings. We’re bending over backwards to do all of the right things so why isn’t this happening for us? What is it that’s holding us back? We’ve got the concepts… why isn’t this thing just kicking in?!

The reason why is WE ARE BLOCKING THIS POWER. It’s blocked by our own thoughts and our own harmful beliefs–this is what is keeping us from having the successful lives we want and truly deserve. And here’s the part no one talks about: until we learn to recognize and clear away our negative harmful beliefs, our struggles in life will never be cured. We must make space for the new positive healthy beliefs we will use to create the lives that we desire.

ABRAHAM-HICKS teaches us that the most important thing for us to do in all of this is TO FEEL GOOD! It is so important for us to feel good because our powerful emotions and beliefs create our lives and create our futures.

The problem is, you can’t feel good if you’re thinking a bunch of garbage and junk fueled by harmful beliefs. And so often it’s virtually impossible for us to stop thinking negatively on our own. We know we need to do it but those old tapes can keep running in our heads and they can be stubborn. Almost everyone requires help to clear away that old negative thinking and those old harmful beliefs. It takes help, tools like Tapping/EFT, and a cathartic experience to clear out the old beliefs and set us FREE. Nothing seems to be as effective in shifting and removing harmful beliefs as a powerful catharsis — creating a calm, clear space for new healthy positive beliefs that empower us to create the life we want but haven’t known how to get to.

Think about it this way:

You’re traveling or you’re on vacation. And you arrive at your hotel where you’ve made a reservation. Everything has all been arranged. You’re on time. But when you show up at the front desk, ready to check in, the person at the desk tells you that you can’t check-in. Your room isn’t ready. The people who have been staying in the room before you haven’t checked out yet. They still need to clear out. The room still needs to be cleaned and the space needs to be made ready for you before you can take possession. 


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Until you clear out the room and make the space ready, you can never have the power to create the life you truly want and deserve because the new healthy beliefs can’t be invited in.

But what if it were simpler than you ever imagined to create the successful life you want and deserve? And what if it were more immediate? What if we could understand the truth of all these teachings that we’ve been hearing and implement them in our everyday lives?

Imagine your new life:

Imagine what it would be like if you could cure your anxiety. Imagine what it would be like if you could experience relief or even freedom from your feelings of depression. Imagine what it would be like to have the relationship you really want. To love yourself. To achieve the success that you truly want and deserve.

Eliminating your harmful beliefs is the simple and immediate cure. I’ve spent my career helping people release what’s holding them back from the lives they want and deserve. Over decades of practice, I’ve found the single most powerful cure for life’s negative experiences is eliminating harmful beliefs.

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